Surfboard Rentals

Kandui Resort currently offers a large variety of Surftech and Firewire surfboards for guests to use on their trip. We have stocked the resort with these boards for travelers who would prefer not to have to hassle with the costs and burden of transporting their own boards through airports and across the globe. Since these boards are created with a consistent shape every time you’ll be able to surf the same board you surf at home and when available choose what fins you want to use from our FCS and Future Fins Testing Centers. Since many guests have their own personal preferences when it comes to fins and leashes we do encourage you to bring your own in case we do not have the exact type of set-up you are used to.

Kandui Resort strives to provide our guests an all-inclusive, high-end vacation that will allow you to put these boards to the test in the best surf the world has to offer. Through this unique opportunity you can now reserve your dream trip and leave the boardbag at home because an entire quiver of surfboards will be at your disposal on arrival – it’s the perfect solution for the intrepid surf traveler who doesn’t want to worry about whether their boards made it or not, they’re already there!

Firewire Rentals Video

Kandui Resort’s 2012 Rental Quiver of Firewire Surfboards. Pricing is subject to change but a ballpark figure is to plan for $30/day to access the whole array of surfboards at Kandui. Please feel free to e-mail for an updated list of surfboards at the resort and to make a reservation when necessary.

– 6’10 Thruster Flexfire Rounded Pin Gun
– 6’8 Thruster Flexfire Rounded Pin Gun
– 6’8 Thruster Alternator Shortboard
– 6’6 Thruster Flexfire Rounded Pin Gun
– 6’6 Thruster Flexfire Rounded Pin Gun
– 6’6 Thruster Alternator Shortboard
– 6’4 Thruster/Quad Setup Hellfire Hybrid Shortboard
– 6’4 Thruster Flexfire Shortboard
– 6’3 Thruster Flexfire Rounded Tail Shortboard
– 6’2 Thruster Taj Pro Shortboard
– 6’2 Thruster Flexfire Shortboard
– 6’2 Quadflex Shortboard
– 6’1 Thruster/Quad Setup Hellrazor Shortboard
– 6’0 Thruster Michel Bourez Shortboard
– 6’0 Thruster Flexfire Shortboard
– 6’0 Thruster Alternator Shortboard
– 5’10 Thruster Bourez Shortboard
– 5’10 Thruster/Quad Setup Hellfire Hybrid Shortboard