Surf Report

We have attached a comprehensive set of our favorite surf forecasting links for the Mentawai Islands and the Indian Ocean below. Each one of these links provide a useful insight into the current wave and weather conditions in our area and many provide an accurate forecast to help you predict what the waves will be like on your next trip to Kandui Resort!


Surfline is the most comprehensive surf forecasting and reporting website on the internet. This link will take you to their comprehensive "forecast" page. Subscription required to view enhanced forecast.

Surfline LOLA Classic Model

Surfline has a great tool called LOLA which is remarkably accurate in it’s wave height, period, and wind direction models. This link will take you to their comprehensive "LOLA" page.  Subscription required.

Magic Seaweed

Magic Seaweed maintains a remarkably detailed surf report for the Mentawai Islands region. Ray says their overall accuracy for their swell forecasts and wind predictions is the best source he’s seen online.

Stormsurf – Mentawai Islands Wave Height

Mark Sponsler at Stormsurf has put together an extremely comprehensive list of swell and weather links for the Indian Ocean region here. The link offers a graphic format for wave heights. 

Stormsurf – Indian Ocean Surf Height

Stormsurf has created a number of great wave height models for the Indian Ocean. This link is a fantastic overview for the entire Indian Ocean – check out Stormsurf for all of your forecasting resources!

NOAA – Wavewatch III – Indian Ocean

NOAA offers a wide variety of models and charts to give a complete picture of the Indian Ocean wave activity. There are over 9 different links you can access through this "Significant Wave Height" page.

Buoyweather – Sumatra Indonesian Marine Weather

Buoyweather offers a no nonsense Marine Forecast page for the area around Kandui Resort. They only give you a 2 day forecast if you are not a subscriber but a huge set of tools if you are a subscriber.

Windguru – Playgrounds Wind Report

Windguru maintains a very clear, easy to read, easy to understand chart that covers wind speed, wind direction, wave height, wave period, wave direction, and a few other items in a spreadsheet format.


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