Life at the Resort

Not surprisingly, life at Kandui Resort centers heavily around surfing. However, in between scoring the best waves of their lives our guests have questions; the responses below are what we hear from people who want to know what to expect and how to prepare for their stay with us:

1. What are the waves like near Kandui Resort?
The Mentawai Islands are blessed with some of the most consistent, user friendly surf in the world. Waves range from friendly and rippable to downright scary. For an in-depth look at a few of the waves you will surf on your next expedition to Kandui Resort please visit our "Waves" section.

2. Any tips on proper surfing etiquette?
Proper surf etiquette is crucial anywhere in the world. In the Mentawai Islands it’s even more important – so important that we’ve developed a short list of suggestions that we hope all of our guests will consider during their vacation. Click here to read up on Mentawai surf etiquette.

3. Is there a general code of conduct I should follow during my stay?
We work hard to give you the best experience possible. There really isn’t a strict code of conduct at the resort, but ithe list below offers a few helpful tips for adjusting to life in paradise.

Welcome to Kandui Resort! We work hard to give you the best experience possible, here are a few helpful tips for adjusting to life in paradise. The following list offers a quick glance at the do’s and don’ts of resort living in the Mentawais:

– Feel free to ask our staff any questions at anytime or for anything you need.
– If you’re hungry tell someone.
– Please smoke in designated areas only – outside only.
– Do your best to keep wet clothes outside.
– Point out problems or potential problems to the staff.
– No drugs allowed.
– Keep your belongings in designated areas.
– Always use proper surf etiquette.
– Conserve as much water as possible – please take short showers.
– Always look out for other people.
– Put trash where it belongs.
– Housecleaning is everyday between 10:00am and 2:00pm, unless you request otherwise.
– There is a laundry service, please put dirty clothes in the provided hamper and leave outside on your deck.If your towels are dirty, please leave them on the floor of the bathroom and we will give you fresh ones.
– When you arrive we will give you one big bottle of water, please refill in the restaurant as much as you’d like. Guests will be charged for extra water bottles.
– We have a safe in the office if you wish to store your valuables.
– Please watch out for falling coconuts!
– Please use sunscreen, nothing can ruin your vacation more than a sunburn.
– Please share waves with the guests from the charter boats.
– We suggest covering up in evenings, long pants and long sleeves and taking malaria preventative medicine if available.
– Donations are welcome for the local people, extra medicine etc… please give to office.
– Guests are welcome to tip their favorite staff member, or you can give to the office to be distributed evenly among all employees.

4. Can I make a phone calls at the resort?
The resort currently uses a variety of ways to stay in touch with the outside world. Most guests prefer to bring their own computers with their own Skype accounts and talk online.

5. What should we do in case of an earthquake or tsunami?
We have a bridge to the right of the restaurant. If there is an earthquake or tsunami alert please cross bridge and climb up hill to higher ground immediately.

6. What are the boats we use for transport and surfing?
Our ultimate goal is to provide our guests the most authentic Mentawai experience possible and our core mode of transportation achieves this. We primarily utilize 3 luxury canoes and 2 tenders to shuttle people around the resort for whatever activity they are enjoying. Each one of our luxury canoes is capable of cruising at a very comfortable 20 knots and that is really all we need due to the geographic proximity to most of the surf spots and various sites we visit. All canoes have the necessary safety and communication equipment in case of emergencies. The tenders are used to shuttle people around our immediate area. We have also added a 39′ Catamaran with 2×250 hp engines perfect for cruising all day, surfing and fishing as well as another 39’ Speedboat for guest transfers and emergencies.

7. What is the dining experience like at the resort?
Guests find our open air dining to be as much fun as it is delicious and varied. We offer full meals ranging from local Indonesian dishes to pasta plates, pizza, chicken and of course fresh fish. We consider every meal extremely important to give you the energy you need to surf all day. There is a set schedule for meals so you don’t have to wonder what time you eat. We will also have as many barbeques as possible; nothing is tastier or more satisfying than having a bbq with your close friends on a remote, tropical island with perfect waves reeling in the distance. We include 3 soft drinks and 3 juices a day for free. Extra sodas, juices, beer hard alcohol, and mixed drinks are available for a nominal fee.

8. What time are meals served?
For early-birds, there is cereal, fruit salad, and toasts available in the restaurant.

– Breakfast – 6:30am – 10:30am – Please order with the bartender.
– Lunch – 12:30pm – 2:30pm
– Dinner – 7:30pm – 8:30 pm

9. What types of alcoholic beverages are available?
Beer is available for all of our guests, a variety of hard alcohol, wine, and mixed drinks will also be available for purchase.

10. Can I be contacted while I’m at the resort?
The resort currently uses a variety of ways to stay in touch with the outside world. Most guests prefer to bring their own computers with their own Skype accounts and talk online.

11. Can I check my e-mails while at the resort?
Kandui Resort’s internet is as good as you can get in the Mentawai Islands, which isn’t saying much unfortunately. It is definitely not as fast as you get at home, can be inconsistent at times, and frustrating but most of the time we’re able to do the basics and Skype calls are possible in the early mornings. The internet is 100% free so you can have the option of staying in touch with your family, friends, and the office. We encourage most people to use their personal laptops in their umas if you’d like to get online. If you don’t want to bring along a laptop there are a few computers at the resort available to check surf reports, send e-mails, and make phone calls.Please feel free to bring along your laptop during your stay with us as our wireless connection covers a large portion of the resort including inside each uma.

12. What other types of activities are available at the resort?
Do as much or as little as you like. The landscape and activities available in our area are extraordinary and varied. There are things to keep you totally busy or you can practice the fine art of doing nothing at all. Here is a short list of our most popular activities:

– Surfing
– Bocce Ball
– Fishing
– Snorkeling
– Table Tennis
– Jungle or Beach Volleyball
– Poker
– Board Games
– Movies
– Satellite TV with Big Screen TV
– Karaoke
– Picnic
– Visit a Local Village
– Yoga (No instructor on site)
– Jungle Cruise
– Cultural Tours

Your time on Kandui is your own, whether you’re surfing, snorkeling, fishing, lounging, visiting local villages, or participating in one of our unique cultural tours – there is something for everyone. Couples can reserve a beach for the day and enjoy a romantic picnic together. Relax, read a book, play in the warm, inviting equatorial waters, this area is beautiful – enjoy it!

13. Can I bring my own dvds?
Of course.

14. How much should I tip the staff when my trip finishes?
This is entirely up to you. The average tip averages about $100 US – if you’ve had a great time, the staff did a wonderful job and were accommodating, let them know how you feel. All tips are distributed among the local staff only.

15. Can I celebrate a special occasion at the resort?
Hopefully with enough advanced notice we can accommodate any and all requests.

16. What is your policy on illegal substances?
Our operation is drug free. Indonesia has some of the strictest laws against drug use, drug trafficking, drug anything! Kandui Resort does not condone drug use in any form at our resort – guests who are found to be using drugs at the resort will be asked to leave immediately. It’s just not worth the hassle and trouble! Our policy is simple – no drugs allowed… please.

17. What happens when the trip ends?
Lamentably, when your trip ends you take a boat or plane back to Padang. Click here to view our typical itinerary.

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