The best advice when packing for a surf trip is to pack as lightly as possible. This fundamental rule of travel is especially true on a surf trip through the Mentawai Islands when most of your time is spent in the water. Most people bring 2-4 boards that range from their standard shortboard on up to a small gun; it helps to plan what boards you want to bring according to the swell forecast. Since there are no surf shops on the island bring extra everything, boardshorts, leashes, fins, wax, sunblock. Life on land is pretty much the same. For most of the day you will be living in boardshorts but at night we suggest putting on light pants to protect from sand flies that come out at dusk and a nice shirt to have dinner in. Think barefoot luxury. Kandui is not a place where any cash is needed, the trips are almost all inclusive and any bar bills you rack up can be covered by credit card. The emphasis is on surfing and enjoying yourself! The following list is divided into two categories: In the Water and Out of the Water. Feel free to add or subtract whatever you need:


– boardshorts (2)
– fin keys (2)
– fin sets (4)
– helmet (optional)
– leashes (4)
– leash teathers
– rash guard (long or short)
– reef booties (optional)
– snorkeling gear
– surfboard(s)
– surf hat (optional)
– sunblock
– tropical surf wax
– wax comb


– airline tickets
– cash (crisp, new bills)
– comb or brush (optional)
– credit cards
– deodorant
– ding repair kit / sun cure
– driver’s license
– electricity adaptor (optional)
– energy snacks (optional)
– eyeglasses
– laptop computer (optional)
– 8GB flash drive (for photos and video)
– long sleeve t-shirt
– malaria medication (optional)
– moisturizer (optional)
– mosquito repellant with dht
– multi-board travel bag
– nail clippers
– pain medicine (optional)
– pants (1)
– passport
– prescription medicine
– sandals
– shampoo (also provided at the resort)
– shaving kit
– shoes (1)
– shorts (3)
– soap (also provided at the resort)
– socks (2)
– sunglasses
– surf towel (1, but also provided at the resort)
– t-shirts (3-4)
– toothbrush/toothpaste
– travel backpack
– visa (if necessary)
– waterproof jacket (optional)


– Kandui Resort has electrical outlets that are 220V. Do not plug in anything that does not have a converter. Please ask management on site for converters or any questions you have about what is safe to plug in and what isn’t.
– It is very important thing to make sure that you have an updated passport and a valid VISA. You will not be permitted to enter Indonesia if your passport is going to expire within six months of your departure or if you are from a country that requires a special VISA to enter. Most people can take care of their VISA upon entering Indonesia including citizens of the United States and Australia but before you purchase your airline tickets please check with your local authorities to make sure you’re covered.
– We require all guests to send us your passport information so we can confirm it does not expire in less than 6 months.

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