Surfboard Storage

Kandui Resort has recently upgraded our surfboard storage area to accommodate over 100 boards including the 3 dozen or so Surftech’s we have in our "Tuflite Travel" program and 20 brand new Firewires.

– Once you arrive at Kandui we prefer if you take your travel boardbag and store it on the side porch of your uma to save space. As your trip progresses and you are pulling out boards to use please feel free to leave them in the surfboard storage area as a matter of convenience.

– It is your responsibility to keep track of where you leave boards and to remember to grab them off the boats after you surf.

– Kandui has a limited supply of leashes and traction pads but we suggest you bring a lot of extra leashes, wax, fin keys, fin screws, and fins to be on the safe side.

– Finally, we have a fresh water shower directly in front of this area – when you’re done surfing most people rinse off and leave their boards at the surfboard storage area before returning to their umas to clean up.

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