Our ultimate goal is to provide our guests the most authentic Mentawai experience possible and our core mode of transportation achieves this. We primarily utilize 3 luxury canoes and 2 tenders to shuttle people around the resort for whatever activity they are enjoying. Each one of our luxury canoes is capable of cruising at a very comfortable 20 knots and that is really all we need due to the geographic proximity to most of the surf spots and various sites we visit. All canoes have the necessary safety and communication equipment in case of emergencies. The tenders are used to shuttle people around our immediate area. We also have a 40′ speedboat available for emergencies for evacuation or other medical needs.


At Kandui Resort we do not operate a set schedule for the boats, we try to surf when our guests are ready to surf. On a typical day we have an “early” boat that will leave in search of waves around 6:30am and another boat will leave an hour later for the guests who like to eat breakfast before going out. A lot of times our guests surf right out in front of the resort, in those instances we utilize our tenders and even waverunners to shuttle guests to and from the surf. Most of the time the boats will return for lunch and then head back out for afternoon searches as conditions dictate. Where we surf is heavily dependent on the wind, tide, and swell conditions; your surf guides will be able to communicate what might be working best but ultimately we like to surf where the consensus of the group feels like going. Lastly, all of the boat drivers carry cameras to capture the day’s events and show off their shots at the nightly slideshow!

PT Pulau Ombak Indah
Komplek Batang Kabung Asri Blok C/3, RT 04/RW 02
Kel. Batang Kabung Ganting, Kec. Koto Tengah
Kab. Kota Padang, Sumatera Barat