Resort Features


During your stay on Kandui, home will be one of only 8 “umas”, traditional thatched houses built in the traditional Mentawai style. Each is clean, spacious, comfortable, and offers an unparalleled view to the waves, ocean, and islands that surround the resort.


Kandui's restaurant and bar is the main congregation area, the heart of the resort, and our most prized structure. Kandui Restaurant and Bar was built from the ground up virtually by hand. It's design principles follow the local traditions and customs.

Game ROom

A new addition to Kandui, our Game Room sports an extra bar area, pool table, ping pong, and entertainment corner. The Gameroom is located adjacent to the restaurant and offers a quiet area to get online, watch movies, and hang out.


Kandui Resort's internet is as good as you can get in the Mentawai Islands, which isn't saying much unfortunately. The internet is currently 100% free so you can have the option of staying in touch with your family, friends, and the office.


Do as much or as little as you like. The landscape and activities available in our area are extraordinary and varied. There are things to keep you totally busy or you can practice the fine art of doing nothing at all, while you're not surfing of course.


The Office is set up as our communication center to the outside world. It has two computers for people to browse the internet, a phone service, and a wide assortment of Mentawai souvenirs and t-shirts are available to purchase at the end of your stay.


Our ultimate goal is to provide our guests the most authentic Mentawai experience possible and our core mode of transportation achieves this. We primarily utilize 3 luxury canoes and 2 tenders to shuttle people around the resort for whatever activity they are enjoying.

Surfboard Rentals

We're stoked to expand our rental fleet to include an all new Awayco quiver. The boards listed here are what our employees ride year round and what have proved to work in the Mentawais. You will not find a more expansive quiver in the Mentawais.

Local Climate

As you would expect being 1 degree below the Equator the local climate is considered tropical, hot, and most of the time it's humid! We sit right on the "Doldrums" and are not influenced by trade winds as much as the rest of Indonesia. Don't forget the sunblock!

Tsunami Bridge

Our "Tsunami Bridge" which is located in the back of the resort winds for over 400 yards to a 50m hill in the center of the island presumably high enough to escape the largest run ups predicted. It offers a fantastic view of the mangroves behind the resort.

Surfboard Storage

Kandui Resort has recently upgraded our surfboard storage area to accommodate over 100 boards including the 3 dozen or so Surftech's we have in our "Tuflite Travel" program and 20 brand new Firewires. Included are a few tips on what to do with your boards.

Ask an Expert

We are available 24 hours a day to help answer any questions you have, we are always happy to help and all questions are welcomed. This page offers a great rundown of the Kandui Resort experience and our contact information in case you need it.

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