Why Choose Shoulder-season?

Why choose shoulder-season?

Overhead waves, great weather, low crowds and great vibes. The Kandui Resort Shoulder-Season (October – March), has had the biggest misconception for years. Flat surf, bad winds, tons of rain and not the time to visit the archipelago. While most of the archipelago faces west and turns onshore, the playgrounds region has countless reef passes that remain offshore. While you will not see the large SW swells that results in massive Kandui Left or Bank Vaults, you will see countless days of overhead surf with good conditions that favor the rights. While most of our guests (us included) do not want the massive, scary surf that in-season can yield, our Shoulder-Season results in the fun overhead surf that the Mentawais are know for. Throw in light crowds and good conditions and you have the Mentawai’s best kept secret.

Quick Message from All Day Ray:
Our Shoulder Season is my favorite time of the year.  This time of the year, my eldest son Dylan and I froth out of our skin!  Overhead, fun right-handers, incredible weather and you’re lucky to see another boat to surf with.  While it’s rare to see the triple-overhead Bank Vaults or double-overhead rifles swells, you will see overhead surf virtually everyday and the kind of surf that is enjoyable, not scary.  Every year, I see so many guests during our core months looking for exactly this!  It’s super frustrating to see this since I know in my heart that Feb, March, October and November are the months that the majority of our guests would enjoy.  If you looking for shoulder high to overhead surf, fun barrels and turns, good weather and no crowds, I would love to see you out here with me in Shoulder Season. – Ray

Below is a breakdown of our Shoulder-Season by month and will give you a great idea what to expect. The Northern Mentawais are located on the equator so local wind conditions can change but this is a guide to give you a general idea of what to expect. Feel free to Contact Us for more details on any month.


October is a transition month where the In-Season winds are switching to Shoulder-Season winds. While Indian Ocean SW swell season is tailing off, there is still plenty of storm activity. October is a great month for some lingering large swells, lighter winds, lighter crowds and plenty of overhead days in-between. Both the lefts and rights can be very good during this month and both bigger swells and crowds tend to drop the closer you get to November.


November is the first month of our true Shoulder-Season. The winds typically have switched to North and West, larger swells are less common and crowds are non-existent. The waves and winds favor the popular right-handers (Nipussi, Burgerworld, small Bank Vaults, Pistols, etc) and weather is moving towards the heart of our rainy season. If you have visited Kandui Resort In-Season and enjoyed the fun size right-handers but didn’t enjoy the crowds, November is for you.


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Kandui Resort opens for business on January 15 every year. On a typical year, our rainy season has moved on and the sun is back. You will not see massive surf this time of year but you will see plenty of overhead barrels, great weather and no crowds. If the surf does go super small, this is when Burgerworld turns on. Burgerworld is one of the best point breaks in Indonesia and only breaks when the surf goes as small as it gets. During January and February, surfing with other people is extremely rare and we have virtually never seen an unhappy guest this time of year.

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