Why Choose Kandui Resort?

Why choose Kandui Resort?

There’s no place in the surfing world like the Northern Mentawais and there’s no place in the Mentawais like Kandui Resort. Going into our 14th year of operation, we’ve been stoked to host thousands of guests from all corners of the earth. Kandui Resort is hands down the best surfing location on the planet and the only resort with direct beach access to the heart of the “Playgrounds” region. We’re a surf resort in every sense of the word. Under the helm of our beloved “All Day Ray” Wilcoxen, our philosophy from day 1 is put the guest first in and out of the water. Our goal is provide access to the best surf in this world, all the comforts of the western world and an atmosphere that is one of a kind.

70% of our annual guests are return guests. Here’s a list of reasons why:


There is no other surfing island on the earth like Kandui Island. With over 15 waves on our island, there is literally something for everyone. Whether it’s the 2 best barreling waves in the world, Kandui Left and Rifles or the fun waves of 4Bobs and Karangbat Left, no other island in this world compares. Throw in 30 additional waves within a 30 minute boat ride, no surfing location comes remotely close.


All Day Ray is Kandui Resort. Going into our 14 year of operation, we’re stoked to have our beloved All Day Ray at the helm. While things in the Mentawais have changed over time, Ray’s management and vision has not. Ray’s philosophy from Day 1 has been to put the guest first while creating an unparallel vibe. Ray has been in your shoes. Before being involved with Kandui Resort, Ray would travel the world, staying at countless resorts and learned firsthand what guests want and do not want.


The local staff is a major part of the Kandui Resort experience. You will not find another resort in this world where the local staff is intergraded more into the daily experience. The local Mentawai staff are some of the most friendly, loving, down to earth people in this world and we’re proud to employ virtually 100% local Mentawai. One of our long term guests said it best “I came to Kandui Resort the first time for the surf, I come back every year for the staff”.


The goal to a successful surfing trip is getting surfed out. We offer 2-3 30 foot Mentawai canoes to transport you to the surf outside of our island and have dinghies/jet skis to transport you quickly to the waves in front. Our daily boat trips are included in your daily rate and there are unlimited trips surfing everyday. As long as everyone is accounted for and the 2nd/3rd boat can travel safely, we do not require minimums for daily surf trip. In 14 years of business, we have not had one complaint of not being surfed out.


The heart of Kandui Resort and where it all happens. It’s difficult to describe in words, but the heart and soul of Kandui Resort resides in our Restaurant. We pride ourselves in our local chef and over the last 14 years, have created the perfect blend of western and Indonesian cuisine. Our menu is a major part of the Kandui Resort experience and no expense is spared. We are not in the bar business and are not looking to take advantage of our guests. Bintangs are still offered at $1 and mixed drinks at $3.75. We appreciate you choosing Kandui Resort and do not take advantage of that at the bar.


One step out of the jungle. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more remote location than Kandui Resort and keeping in touch with your family, friends and work is the upmost importance. You will not find a higher speed internet connection in the Mentawais. Whether watching WSL events or FaceTiming your family back home, no other resort comes close. Offered within our Restaurant, Game Room and every Uma, our internet is available at anytime and is still 100% free.


If the Kandui Restaurant is the heart of Kandui Resort, the floating dock runs a close second. Located within a stone’s throw of 4Bobs and the perfect place to relax or heckle your friends. Kandui Resort offers free Bintangs every afternoon on the dock and there’s no better Happy Hour in the Mentawais.


You safely and comfort are the highest priority at Kandui Resort. In 13 years of business, our #1 complaint has been the 90 mile transfer from Padang, Indonesia to Kandui Resort, Mentawai. We have tried everything possible, planes, charter boats, ferries and even sea planes, but nothing has solved the problem. In 2017, we partnered with the Mentawai Fast Ferry. The Mentawai Fast is a 80 foot transfer boat that was specifically created for transport from Padang to the Mentawai. Kandui Resort rents it for our guests and makes the 90 mile transfer in 3 hours flat. It’s a game changer for transport with 200 plus seats, A/C, TVs, free drinks, bathrooms and the smoothest ride you will find in Indonesia.


Over the last 14 years, photos and videos have become a cornerstone of the Kandui Resort experience. We have 2 photographers and 2 videographers every day and virtually every single session is documented. Every evening the day is relived on our 2 restaurant big screen TVs and your photos and videos are available for purchase at the end of every trip.


The local Mentawaiian experience is a major part of the Kandui Resort experience. At the end of every trip, the local shaman of the Mentawais make the trek down from the jungle to visit the resort. Shamen are the traditional medicine men of the Mentawais and stop by to perform a traditional ceremony showcasing a unique mix of dance, drum beats and chants. We also offered guided tours of our local staff’s village on any day. These unique cultural experiences offer an unreal look into the Mentawais and make you realize truly how far you are from the western world.

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