Why Choose in-season?

Why choose in-season?

Every since the world was introduced to the Mentawai Islands over 25 years ago, the surf world has never been the same. Countless islands, perfect reef passes, light winds, remote location and a conveyor belt of relentless swell from 6,000 miles away, there is literally no other place in this world that compares to the Mentawais. The playgrounds region is the heart of the Mentawais with Kandui Resort located directly in front.

The Kandui Resort In-Season (April – Sept) is in the center of Indian Ocean SW swell season. Once high pressure breaks in the Indian Ocean, storms start marching from Africa to Indonesia and do not stop till late season. During this time of year, the surf rarely drops below head high and during a standard trip to Kandui Resort, guests can expect 1-2 swells to really get the blood flowing. While the Northern Mentawais have some of the best barreling waves in Indonesia (Kandui Left, Rifles, Bank Vaults, Hideaways), this area is unique in that it has something for everyone. While Kandui Left is triple overhead, Karangbat Left is head high and perfect for cruising. While Rifles is pumping double overhead barrels, 4bobs is slightly overhead and perfect for turns. In-Season is a great time to push your barrel-riding limits while you can also kick back and surf your favorite fish just around the corner. We’ve been stoked to host thousands of guests from all corners of the earth and even more stoked to put thousands on the waves of their lives.

Below is a breakdown of our In-Season by month and will give you a great idea what to expect. The Northern Mentawais are located on the equator so local wind conditions can change but this is a guide to give you a general idea of what to expect. Feel free to Contact Us for more details on any month.


April is the first month of the year you typically start seeing solid SW swell activity. This time of the year, you typically see incredible weather and swell and winds that favor the right-handers. While you will see plenty of lefts, the winds tilt toward the rights and in-between solid swells, there are countless options for fun rights and lefts.


May, June and July are our prime months of the year at Kandui Resort and the Mentawais in general. During May, the SW swell season is in full swing, weather is incredible and winds are light and favor the right-handers. Virtually every year, the best Bank Vaults and Rifles happens in the month of May. Our area directly in front of the resort (heart of the playgrounds) is in full swing and there’s something for everyone. May is one of our most demanded months and space goes quickly.


June is the heart of SW swell season and always one of the best months of the year. June is typically a transition month where the winds are changing from favoring the right-handers to the left-handers. Virtually every year, the best Kandui Left and Ebay happens during the month of June. June is an incredible month where the winds are typically light enough that you could surf anywhere. June is one of our most demanded months and space goes quickly.


July is one our most consistent months of the year for swell. In the heart of our core SW swell season, you can expect 1-2 solid swells during a trip and also great weather. The winds are typically trending toward the lefts by July, but still light and variable so the rights are fun as well. July is one of our most demanded months and space goes quickly.


August and September are a goofy foot’s dream. While some years, the winds stay light and variable, most years, the winds have shifted towards the lefts. This time of year, you’ll spend a good amount of time at Kandui Left, Hideaways, Beng Beng, Ebay and Baby Kandui. August and September see the largest swells every year and the perfect month to push your limits. August and September are popular months with our Australian and New Zealand friends that are looking to escape the winter. August and September and very popular and space goes quickly.

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