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Kandui Resort is proud to present a comprehensive set of videos and video links that we have been associated with over the years. A majority of these videos have been produced alongside our partners FTR Films who are based at Kandui Resort year-round. Grab some popcorn and get ready to check out some incredible waves, we hope you have a few hours to waste!

Welcome to Kandui Video

A detailed look into what life is like at Kandui Resort. At 18 minutes long it is lengthy but it will also answer practically any question you can think of. This is the same video we show all of our new guests on the first night of their trip.

Kandui Profile

This video offers a quick look at Kandui Resort in the form of a music video format. Production and Footage Courtesy of FTR Films. Music by Bat for Lashes, Glass.

2011 Kandui Season

Highlights from the 2011 Kandui Resort season. Production and Footage Courtesy of FTR Films. Music by Ben Howard, Black Flies (Nixon Reflix).

Kandui Low Season

The Kandui Low Season (November - March) is the perfect opportunity to score fun waves and light crowds. Production and Footage Courtesy of FTR Films. Music by Thievery Corporation, Facing East.

Individual Video Featuring Guest Ben Hargreaves

This is an example of an "Individual" video offered by FTR Films during your stay at Kandui Resort. Pretty cool to go home with an edited movie from your trip!

Group Video Featuring the Bikimou Family

From time to time we host surf families who rip! The Bikimou's are no exception and asked FTR Films to create a 25 minute masterpiece documenting their adventure.

All Day Ray Wilcoxen and wife Jenny, The Team Behind Kandui Resort

"All Day Ray" Wilcoxen is your owner/host and during your stay at Kandui Resort. He is one of the most genuine and affable characters you will ever meet who's primary focus is to make sure all our guests are having the time of their lives!

Fly in the Champagne Full Movie

Kandui Resort was honored to host the first ever surf trip with Kelly Slater and Andy Irons together called "A Fly In The Champagne". It produced a movie and magazine article and it was an incredible trip to be involved with.

Billabong Surf with a Pro Highlight Video from Kandui Resort

Shane Dorian and Dave Rastovich lead a group of “Surf With A Pro” campers on an amazing trip to Kandui Resort in the Mentawais. For more information on Billabong’s “Surf With A Pro” trips go to billabongcamps.com/surf-with-pro.

A Day in the Life: Kandui Resort

What does the typical day at Kandui Resort look and feel like? This video shot during the "Fly in the Champagne" trip with Kelly Slater, Andy Irons, Martin Potter, and Shane Dorian should offer a unique insight into the waves and experience found during a trip to Kandui Resort!

FTR Films Vimeo Page

Kandui Resort and FTR Films have teamed up to deliver constant, fresh video content for our guests, our website, and our Facebook friends. It is a great partnership that delivers countless numbers of videos. You can see all of FTR Film's videos in one place here.