About Kandui Resort

Kandui Resort opened in 2006 and has quickly become one of the most well known surf resorts in the world with a reputation for world class service. We’ve learned over the years that most of our guests just want to surf the best waves of their lives and we really can’t blame them! We are truly honored to have hosted some of the best surfers and best guests in the world and look forward to continue to deliver the ultimate surf adventure on Earth into the foreseeable future!

– At Kandui our ultimate goal is to be able to provide our guests the best surfing/cultural experience of their lives; an experience that will keep everyone occupied whether they are out surfing, hanging out in the resort, or on a cultural trek deep into the jungle; we have it all!

– A trip to Kandui Resort is ideal for people who want to visit this area but are not comfortable with traveling and living on a boat, small groups who are looking for an executive/work related retreat, people traveling with their significant other or families, the list goes on and on…

– Most importantly, we are dedicated to supporting the local Mentawai economy, culture, and traditions by employing Mentawai residents and guides directly at the resort and on our cultural tours. Our staff are experienced locals committed to protecting the well being and natural environment of the Mentawai Islands while providing our guests an unforgettable experience on the land and in the water.

The people behind Kandui Resort include:

– Ray Wilcoxen maintains Kandui Resort”s infrastructure and maintenance programs as well as all resort activities as acting General Manager. Ray is also our lead surf guide and manages the boats and staff that work/operate the boats at the resort. Ray is Kandui.

– Anom Suheri (Un) maintains Kandui Resort’s overall community relations in Indonesia.

– Our incredible Staff on the Island and in Padang

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PT Pulau Ombak Indah
Komplek Batang Kabung Asri Blok C/3, RT 04/RW 02
Kel. Batang Kabung Ganting, Kec. Koto Tengah
Kab. Kota Padang, Sumatera Barat